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National History Museum to house World War I and II Museum

Date: July 23, 2018
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GIS 23 July 2018: The project of the creation of a Museum on two World Wars is expected to be completed by mid 2019 and will be housed in the National History Museum in Port Louis. The Chairman of the Mauritius Ex-Services Trust Fund (MESTF), Mr. Mike Mungur, made this announcement on Friday 20th July 2018 during a press conference at the seat of the Mauritius Ex-Services Trust Fund in Port Louis.
He recalled that the MESTF in collaboration with other stakeholders has embarked on an ambitious project for the creation of a museum for the ex-servicemen where the contribution of about 41 000 Mauritians enrolled in the British Army during the First and Second World Wars would be put on record. The museum will consist of artifacts, photos, press cutting, books, uniforms, medals and decommissioned weapons amongst others, he said.
Mr. Mungur highlighted that some 3000 and 38 000 individuals from Mauritius and Rodrigues both men and women served in the British army during the first and second World wars respectively. They served in different ranks namely Corporal, Sergeant, Regimental Sergeant and other higher ranks, he said. Presently, Mauritius counts only 1204 veterans of the World War II who are all above the age of 85 years, and in some five years the number of the Ex-Servicemen will be reduced drastically, underlined the Chairman of MESTF.  
The creation of the museum, pointed out Mr. Mungur, will thus epitomise the rich cultural history of Mauritius Ex-Servicemen. It will reflect the determination, hard works and sacrifices of all those individuals who served the British army during World War I and II. He also appealed to the Mauritian and Rodriguan population to contribute to the project by donating or selling artifacts or any other related items that could be displayed at the museum.
About the Museum
The museum will be of 1300m2 and will be accommodated on the first floor of the National History Museum in Port Louis. It will comprise two parts, the tangible and the intangible. The tangible part will consist uniforms, medals, documents and other artifacts while the intangible part will consist of oral history, interviews of veterans, film on wars, digitalised information on Ex-Servicemen. 
About Mauritius Ex-Services Trust Fund
The Mauritius Ex-Services Trust Fund, established under Act No. 6 of 2000, came into force on 31 July 2000. It provides financial assistance through a monthly pension to registered ex-servicemen and widows of ex-servicemen. In addition, a funeral grant is paid to their heirs or widow at the time of their demise.
In pursuance of its objects, the Trust Fund also carries out welfare activities under various schemes consisting of domiciliary visits to bedridden ex-servicemen, centenarian birthday celebrations, Poppy Day Appeal and Remembrance Day.
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