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National Multi Hazard Emergency Alert System to go live in April 2020

Date: December 17, 2019
Domain:ICT; Environment
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS – 17 December, 2019: A National Multi Hazard Emergency Alert System (NMH-EAS), which will allow people to receive relevant and timely information in a systematic way prior to a disaster in order to make informed decisions and take actions, is expected to go live in April 2020. It will cover Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agaléga and St Brandon and will be implemented by a Dutch company, under the supervision of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre (NDRRMC). 
The NMH-EAS is a reliable high-performance system which will disseminate warning and alert messages to a maximum number of people and stakeholders within an acceptable timeframe through a number of communication channels namely mobile and landline phone networks, TV and Radio, Internet, bulk email, social media, digital display signs, and public broadcasting systems such as sirens, cell broadcast and mobile application. 
The System will allow the NDRRMC to have a central high-performance system (hardware and software) with minimal downtime to coordinate, control and administer the different interfaces for mass communication. The identified channels will allow multiple and simultaneous means of communicating rapidly to a maximum number of people in a minimum of time, using available technology. It also has the capacity to implement interfaces to interact with certain organisations, for example, first responders, meteorological services and with their IT systems.
The Emergency Alert Mobile Application, launched by the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation in 2018, would be one of the channels of communication of the NMH-EAS.
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