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Need to produce a more holistic and inclusive register of Electors, urges Electoral Commissioner

Date: January 08, 2019
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GIS - 08 January, 2019: The percentage of registered electors in the Republic of Mauritius is around 94.3 which is acceptable according to electoral good practices. However, there is a need to improve the statistics and to produce a register which is more holistic and inclusive.  
This statement was made this morning by the Electoral Commissioner, Mr Irfan Raman, during a press conference on the registration of electors 2019 held at the Office of the Electoral Commission in Port Louis. He appealed to the population, in particular the youth, to register themselves during the annual registration exercise carried out in January.
He recalled that this year, from 12 to 26 January, a house to house enquiry will be carried out whereby around 2 500 officers will visit every householder in Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agaléga after office hours, on weekdays and during weekends, in order to register electors. Every householder is called upon to complete a return as prescribed by law, whilst newly qualified electors have to fill in a declaration of qualification, he stated.
Mr Raman further added that in May, the provisional registers of electors (Electors' lists) are made available for consultation by the public during a fortnight at various registration centres throughout the country. He underlined that members of the public are invited to call at these centres to either apply for registration of their names, if the latter do not appear in the relevant electors' lists; or for corrections to entries concerning them by filling in appropriate forms available at the centres. As regards the final Registers of Electors, he pointed out that they come into force on the 16th August of each year and remain valid till the 15th of August the following year.
According to the Electoral Commissioner, a good Register of Electors which is inclusive and reliable is a prerequisite for a democratic election. The Register, he said, needs to be up to date whereby the names of all persons who are qualified as electors appear on the electoral list in each constituency. He added that the registration of an elector is regulated by a legal framework while highlighting that the name of an elector needs to be on the list of electors in a particular constituency so that he may be able to vote.
Speaking about the movement of electors, Mr Raman stated that if a person has changed his address, he needs to register himself again in his new address. He further appealed to those who are 18 years and above and who reside permanently in Mauritius to register themselves.
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