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New Customer Service Counter at the Mauritius Prison Services

Date: May 16, 2013
Domain:Law and Order; Judiciary
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 16 May, 2013: A Prison Customer Service Counter was inaugurated this morning by the Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms, Mr Sutyadeo Moutia, at the Prisons Training School in Beau Bassin.
The Customer Service Counter which has also as facility an Electronic Ticketing Machine for visitors, funded by the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms, is in line with the Mauritius Prison Services’ (MPS) vision which is to improve its services for external visitors. With the coming into operation of the Electronic Ticketing Machine (ETM), the MPS has substituted the traditional way of calling visitors by name or by number which ensures a first come first serve basis and preserves the identity of the visitors. Through the ETM, the MPS can also impart information to families electronically which is a totally new concept to give update information to visitors.
On the same occasion, the Mauritius Prisons Services launched its customer charter in a bid to reiterate its commitment to providing quality service to its customers and a two-half day training programme on Customer Care for some 20 prisons officers. The aim is to equip these officers with the appropriate skills and the necessary knowledge and attitudes to deliver their duties with diligence.
In his opening address, the Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms, Mr Sutyadeo Moutia, lauded the initiative of the MPS to provide a better service delivery to both internal and external customers in addition to a focused training programme for its staff. According to Mr Moutia, staff of the Prisons Department are expected to have additional skills apart from their job-specific skills that they have acquired during their training upon recruitment. Training and development have grown into a very important human resource function of organisations, he said, while adding that no organisation can afford to fail in customer care.
Minister Moutia recalled that to support the upgrading/modernisation of the Customer Counter Services scheme, an amount to the tune of Rs 2.2 million have so far been spent to fund some 13 projects in different ministries.
For his part, the Commissioner of Prisons, Mr Jean Bruneau, explained the rationale of improving the Customer Counter Services, which he said is a necessity as the MPS strongly believes in family values and spares no effort to promote family visits. On this score, Mr Bruneau said that the MPS will continue to gear its efforts towards making the experience of visitors of detainees more pleasant. According to him, these visits give moral support to detainees and strengthen family bonds, which is an important asset in the rehabilitation process of the detainees.
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