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New Speed Cameras and Penalty Points System Operational soon

Date: May 02, 2013
Domain:Law and Order; Judiciary; Public Infrastructure
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS – 02 May 2013: Authorities will be tougher with regards to speed excess and other road offences. The Penalty Points System (PPS), introduced with the adoption of the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill last year, will be proclaimed in the days to come. Every year there is an average of 150 casualties and 3,500 injured following road accidents according to available statistics. The target is to reduce road fatality rates per 100,000 persons from 12.2 to 7.2 by year 2020.
Moreover, over 50 new automatic speed cameras have been installed at different high risk spots along the motorway and secondary roads, and will soon be operational. New private fitness centres will also be created by 2014, to examine the roadworthiness of vehicles in a more thorough and professional way.
As soon as the PPS is proclaimed, it will be an offence if a driving licence holder does not have both the driving licence and the driving licence counterpart (DLC) in his possession. Both documents henceforth constitute the driving licence. The authorities have adopted the slogan “Zero Point Zero Traka” to sensitise motorists and licence holders more effectively on the new system.
The PPS is meant to deter the commission of road traffic offences by assigning penalty points on conviction for certain road traffic offences. Thus, drivers failing to observe the road codes will be severely reprimanded. As per the new legislation, the DLC has to be annexed to the licence. On the DLC, information such as penalty points, date of offence, fine amount, disqualification period, date of expiry of penalty points, offence code, etc., are inscribed. The Traffic Branch has already set up a new computerised system that will contain and update all relevant details pertaining to drivers’ licence and the eventual sanctions they will receive from courts.
Penalty points attributed to an offence will remain effective for a period of three years. The PPS may cause a driver to have his driving licence suspended for at least six months if he has exceeded the threshold limit of 15 penalty points. On a second disqualification, the driving licence will be cancelled. Under the proposed Mauritian system, the counter will start at zero, and points will be totalled cumulatively for each and every offence.
Penalty points will be imposed by the Court, in addition to other sanctions such as monetary fines, and used especially to tackle the most dangerous safety related road traffic offences committed by drivers. The range of points provided varies from 2 to 10 in relation to the severity of the offence. Penalty points allocated for each offence will be effective for 36 months as from the date of conviction. The penalty points will be entered on the DLC.

The PPS is in line with government’s strategy to increase road safety and to comply with international norms and subsequently reduce casualties on roads. The system is expected to instill a greater sense of responsibility in motorists and make our road safer.

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