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New hall in Le Hochet offers more space for self-development and empowerment activities

Date: August 26, 2014
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS – 26 August 2014: Women of Le Hochet, Terre Rouge, and of neighbouring localities have now more space and additional amenities for their empowerment and development with the inauguration of a new hall held yesterday at Le Hochet Social Welfare Centre in the presence of the Minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare, Mrs Mireille Martin, and other personalities. The new hall can accommodate around 250 persons. Construction started on 3 April 2014.
At the inauguration ceremony, the Minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare commended Le Trochetia Groupe (Women’s Association) for this laudable initiative and their important contribution in the implementation of the project. This endeavour, she said, is a concrete example of how collaborative efforts and solidarity of all stakeholders – Le Trochetia Groupe, Social Welfare Committee, staff, volunteers – can lead to the promotion of the welfare and empowerment of women and their families. Mrs Martin urged women of Le Hochet and its vicinities to avail of the facilities provided for their empowerment.
Funded under the Special Collaborative Programme for women and children in distress, the project for the extension of Le Hochet Social Welfare Centre has been undertaken by Le Trochetia Groupe in collaboration with Le Hochet Social Welfare Committee and the officers of the centre with the aim of providing extra space to house more activities for women empowerment programmes as well as other activities for the community. The project included not only the extension of the centre but other components as well such as training programmes for vulnerable women of the locality and nearby regions and the purchase of equipment such as laptop, projector, sound system, screen, TV set, pastry equipment, sewing machine, refrigerator, oven, among others, to facilitate the training programmes.
The project was approved to the tune of Rs 1,132.067.00 and a grant amounting to Rs 1,038,000 was awarded. The remaining amount will be disbursed following an evaluation of the project. Several courses to empower women with knowledge and skills that would help them to start small entrepreneurship schemes for their self-dependency are being run at the centre. Some 75 women are participating in the courses that comprise Pastry, Curtain Making and Mural Decoration.
The hall will also be used regularly by women entrepreneurs to market and sell their products and generate revenues that can contribute to supplement their family budget for a better living. In addition, sensitisation programmes and workshops in collaboration with the National Women Entrepreneur Council, the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority and other organisations are scheduled with a view to provide relevant knowledge and information on marketing skills and entrepreneurship to potential women entrepreneurs.
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