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Onset of winter will be earlier as per MMS’ Winter 2020-Seasonal Outlook

Date: April 30, 2020
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GIS – 30 April, 2020: The Winter 2020-Seasonal Outlook provided by the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS), which gives an insight of the expected evolution of the climate during the winter months in Mauritius and Rodrigues, indicates that the onset of winter will be earlier and will settle down as from the end of April 2020.


The period from May to October has been defined as the winter season in Mauritius and Rodrigues. The Wintry type weather has been observed as from the second week of April. Based on both linear regression models and probabilistic climate forecast from various climate models, the most likely outcome for winter 2020 is as follows:


·         Rainfall over Mauritius is likely to be near normal during the first half of the season and slightly below normal for the second half. The cumulative rainfall is expected to be around 600 mm and it will be concentrated mainly over the Central Plateau, to the East and the South.


·            Normal rainfall is expected over Rodrigues with a mean of 400 mm over the island.


·           Day maximum temperature will be close to the normal during first half of winter and slightly above normal during the second half in both Mauritius and Rodrigues. Night temperature is expected to be slightly above normal.


However, the MMS highlights that there will be intra-seasonal variation, when on certain occasions the Mascarenes will be under the influence of strong anticyclones. In these instances, both Mauritius and Rodrigues are likely to experience relatively cooler surge resulting in below normal temperature.


On a few rare occasions, especially due to clear sky and calm wind condition, the minimum temperature in Mauritius may likely drop to near 10 degrees Celsius. In Rodrigues, minimum temperature may drop to near 13 degrees Celsius over the high grounds. 


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