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Phase 2 of the CEB 2015 SSDG Net Metering Scheme already operational

Date: July 18, 2017
Domain:Public Utilities

GIS- 18 July 2017 : The second phase of the "CEB 2015 SSDG Net Metering Scheme" to integrate a total of 2 MW Small Scale Distributed Generation (SSDG) using renewable energy technologies in the Mauritian grid has already been launched.
The main aim of this scheme is to offer the opportunity to small power producers to produce electricity using solar photovoltaic and wind technologies. In a spirit of democratising the grid access for it to be economically feasible, this scheme will enable households, to interconnect their renewable energy installations into the grid at zero cost for backup service and energy storage. 

The 2 MW is allocated to two customer categories as follows:
  • 1 MW is reserved for Domestic Customer Category (excluding IRS, RES and Three-phase Domestic Customers)
  • 1 MW for IRS, RES and Three-phase Domestic Customers only
The "CEB 2015 SSDG Net-Metering Scheme" operates under the net billing principle, which means that after commissioning of the SSDG, the owner uses the electricity produced by the SSDG first and exports any surplus to the CEB grid, which is “banked” in his/her account as kilowatt-hour (kWh) credits.
Advantages of the Scheme
Under this Scheme, a prosumer will have the following benefits:
  • Prospective prosumers will benefit the energy storage capacity of the grid at no cost; thus they will not have to make investment in costly battery energy storage system. Qualified Prosumers will be able to generate their electricity during the day, especially from the solar PV source, and store it into the grid for use in the evening and night or even for future uses free of charge from the CEB.
  • Part of the initial investment (15%), only for Solar Energy Unit can be recouped through a relief in tax payment.
By entering into this Scheme, a prosumer will reduce her/his monthly payment for electricity. The savings on the electricity payments to the CEB can be used to pay for the investment made in the acquisition of the renewable energy system.
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