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Presentation of the Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency Bill in the National Assembly

Date: September 02, 2015
Domain:Public Utilities
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 02 September, 2015: The Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency Bill, that provides for the establishment of the Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MREA) has been presented yesterday at the National Assembly for a first reading by the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Public Utilities, Mr Ivan Collendavelloo.
The main thrust of the MREA is to create a conducive environment for the renewable energy sector and its future growth. According to the Bill, the Agency will be a body corporate which will promote the adoption and use of renewable energy with a view to achieving sustainable development goals. It will also be called upon to create an enabling environment for the development of renewable energy as well as increase the share of renewable energy in the national energy mix.
Functions of the Agency
The Agency will be responsible for the elaboration of a renewable energy strategic plan every five years. It will also establish the necessary mechanism and framework to increase the use of renewable energy; assess the feasibility and competiveness of renewable energy projects and make recommendations; and compile and analyse data on use and benefits of renewable energy.
Another function of the Agency is to develop guidelines and standards for renewable energy projects and for evaluation and approval of on-grid and off-grid renewable energy projects. Devising incentive mechanisms, including subsidisation mechanisms based on principles of competitiveness and specific technologies; defining a funding strategy for renewable energy projects; and assessing the requirements for the improvement of skills for the implementation of renewable energy projects are some of the other responsibilities of the MREA as defined in the Bill.
The MREA will share information and experience on renewable energy research and technology; foster collaboration and networking at regional and international levels with institutions promoting renewable energy; and advise on possible uses of liquid natural gas. It will also carry out sensitisation programmes on renewable energy technologies.
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