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President’s Address on Christmas Day - Focus on Education

Date: December 26, 2013
Domain:Education & Training
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS- 26 December 2013: In his address to the Nation on the occasion of Christmas 2013, the President of the Republic, Mr Rajkeswur Purryag, GCSK, GOSK, called on parents to focus more on the education of their children since education remains the pillar in the fight against poverty as well as an important tool for social and economic development. 
In the light of the difficult economic situation and ferocious competition prevailing, it is important that we continue to develop our human resources through a good education which has to be our most important priority’, he said.
Mr Purryag recalled that the success of education depends on three main factors namely parents, teachers and discipline in schools. According to him, the future of a child depends on good parenting and the role and responsibility of parents in the education of their children and not merely the amount of money one has.  Hence, parents have to bring up their children in a good family environment, monitor the education of their children and inculcate good values in them since their young age. He cited Nelson Mandela who referred to education as the most powerful tool which Man can use to transform the world.
The President appealed to parents to devote more time to their children as regards their education. He stressed on the need for more discipline which is an important factor in education, while adding that education is a partnership between teachers, parents and children themselves.
He pointed out that Government is investing Rs 15 billion in education since education is the future of the country. ‘It is through education that we can build a better future for our children and our country and enhance the quality of our lives’, he added.
As regards discipline in schools, Mr Purryag expressed concern that it is regressing in all educational institutions while aggression cases between school children and students and against teachers and educators are on the increase. He appealed to all stakeholders to work together to find solutions to this problem before it gets too late.
The President also expressed his solidarity with the inhabitants of Rodrigues who have been affected by cyclone Amara.
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