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Prime Minister: Budget 2014 Puts Mauritius Firmly on the Path to High Income Economy

Date: November 27, 2013
Domain:Economy & Finance
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS: 27 November, 2013: The Budget shows the depth of our commitment to our long term vision of a democratised and high income economy without absolute poverty, the Prime Minister, Dr Navin Ramgoolam, GCSK, FRCP told the National Assembly on 26 November in his statement on  the budget 2014.  
Dr Ramgoolam pointed out   that Budget 2014 puts the country firmly on the path to a high income economy. It lays the foundations for up to seven new economic pillars comprising:  ocean economy; bunkering hub; petroleum platform; aviation hub; green economy; film industry, and expanded Africa strategy. Since independence, Budget 2014 is the only one that lays the foundation for several new economic pillars at the same time, he said adding that the next wave of prosperity lies in our maritime economy.

The Prime Minister made mention of a National Dialogue with the participation of all stakeholders with a view to developing the right framework and policies to implement the ocean economy project in a sustainable manner. A roadmap, outlining a broad conceptual and policy framework for the development of the ocean economy in the short, medium and long term, has been elaborated. 
“Budget 2014 is taking us further to a possible 15-pillar economy and even laying the foundations for developing an ocean economy that can ultimately transform Mauritius into an ocean State”, he said.  
The Prime Minister rejoiced that Mauritius is turning economic history into a nation focused on exploration for minerals and oil deposits. This marks a new era in our economic history – a bridge to our future.    The components of the new economic architecture are potential new pillars that will create jobs with good prospects for expanding the export sector and modernise and expand trade logistics in an unprecedented way.
With regard to our vision of a democratised economy, the Prime Minister expressed satisfaction that noticeable progress has been made.  No one should be doomed from their birth to the low rung of the social ladder, working hard without the opportunity to have any share or part in the good life that they help to create for others, Dr Ramgoolam said.
In line with   the vision of a high income democratised economy, Mauritius cannot we cannot overlook the role of education.  We need to ensure quality education so as to meet the needs of the knowledge economy. Education is the answer to exclusion, the Prime Minister said.
While referring to collar crimes, he said that consultations are being held with officials from the UK for the setting up of a Serious Fraud Office.

 “As the budget clearly brings out, a next wave of prosperity beckons us. We should not wait for it to happen.  We must act and we must act now”, said the Prime Minister.

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