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Prime Minister Inaugurates Terre-Rouge – Verdun – Trianon Link Road

Date: December 03, 2013
Domain:Public Infrastructure
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS  - 3 December 2013: The Terre Rouge-Verdun and Verdun-Trianon Link road, which serves as an outer bypass to the Capital for those travelling between the south and the north, was inaugurated yesterday evening by the Prime Minister, Dr. Navinchandra Ramgoolam, in the presence of  several personalities.
The total length of the road from Terre Rouge - Verdun - Trianon is 24.2 km and the project has been implemented in two lots, that is, Terre Rouge - Verdun Link Road and Verdun - Trianon Link Road, to a total cost of Rs 4 162 832 345.85. The project consists of 7.6 km of dual carriageway from Calebasses to Valton followed by 3 km of single carriageway from Valton to Ripailles, comprising two lanes Southbound and one lane Northbound with shoulder allowing two-way traffic, and a 13.6 km of dual carriageway from Ripailles to Trianon.
The Terre Rouge - Verdun Link Road was financed by the Agence Française de Développement under a € 40 million concessional loan granted to Mauritius. This road, bypassing the town of Port-Louis, will help to ease traffic burden in the city.
In his address, Dr. Ramgoolam underlined that the Government is transforming the country in terms of infrastructure at a time when the world is going through an economic downturn. Everyone can see what this Government is doing with regards to infrastructure, he said, adding that for modernisation to take place, there need to be a well-planned strategy.
He recalled that it is only as a result of the economic growth registered by the county that the Terre Rouge – Verdun – Trianon Link road project has turned into reality. Government is further planning massive investment in infrastructure and the 2014 budget has earmarked Rs 18.4 billion for this purpose. An amount of Rs 55 billion has been allocated for infrastructural projects over the next three years.
Dr. Ramgoolam encouraged citizens to make use of this new road as it will not only save time spent on the road, but will also decrease the consumption of fuel. He said that as at 1st December 2013, there were 441 500 vehicles on the road as compared to 244 018 in 2000.
The Prime Minister listed out the different policies and projects being implemented to promote safety on the roads, that is, the introduction of penalty points and the installation of speed cameras in different parts of the island, amongst others. Moreover, he recalled that a Driving Education and Training Centre would be set up soon.
Government is making this country take giant leaps as far as infrastructural projects are concerned, said Dr. Ramgoolam.
For his part the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping, Mr. Anil Bachoo, said that if all the infrastructural projects in the island have been possible, it is only due to the vision of Dr. Ramgoolam.
“The Prime Minister is the architect of the modernisation of Mauritius, be it the new airport, building of roads, schools and hospitals”, he added.
As regards, the project Verdun – Trianon Link Road and the Bagatelle – Valentina Link Road, it was financed by the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa. The Bagatelle – Valentina Link Road which is 2.6 km long, will be completed by the end of the year, Minister Bachoo said.

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