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Prime Minister reiterates Government’s commitment to boost ICT sector

Date: September 19, 2019
Domain:ICT; Business & Industry; Economy & Finance
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GIS - 19 September, 2019: Over the last years, Government has strived to boost the ICT sector and has come forward with concrete measures that has triggered the expansion of the industry and also helped in bridging the digital divide while encouraging greater social cohesion at the national level.
The Prime Minister, Minister of Home Affairs, External Communications and National Development Unit, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, was speaking, this morning, at the inauguration ceremony of the new Accenture Operations Offices, held at the 1 Cybercity Building, in Ebène.
In his address, Prime Minister Jugnauth highlighted that Accenture established a local branch in Mauritius since 2001, and is now a major player in the local ICT industry and currently employs about 3 000 people across its businesses.  Accenture’s ongoing investments for the expansion of its office confirms the bright prospects of our digital industry, he said.
The Prime Minister pointed out that Accenture does not stand alone as a flagship for the moving ICT industry, adding that global leaders such as Huawei and Microsoft, are already present in Mauritius. He expressed confidence as regards attracting even more reputable brands since Government’s strategy is to focus more and more on innovation and artificial intelligence technology.
Mr Jugnauth highlighted that the ICT sector is the third pillar of the Mauritian economy after the financial industry and tourism, contributing to 5.7% of the GDP and employing more than
24 000 people directly, and having a healthy growth rate of 5.3% in 2018. He underpinned the need for the constant reinvention of the sector as well as favouring disruptive technologies more than ever. In the digital world, he said, it is critical to keep up with change which is constant and essential to plan for an infrastructure and ecosystem that drives the sector to adapt to changing demands and technologies.
He recalled that Government has put in place several measures that have positioned Mauritius as a pioneer of the digital revolution in the region.  Speaking about the Regulatory Sandbox Licence, he observed that it is unique in its kind as it facilitates investors to conduct a business activity and through this, activities in Fintech, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are forging their way in the economic landscape, creating a niche that has huge potential.
According to Mr Jugnauth, the key to unlocking the full potential of the ICT sector is our youths and their ability to assume their responsibility and architect the future of the country. Government, he said, will ensure that the necessary opportunities are given to them so that their eagerness and innovative ideas thrive and concretise into projects. Initiatives such as the National Small and Medium Enterprises Incubator Scheme, and National Research and Innovation Fund, will further spur innovation and research and development, he added.
He indicated that in the next two years, new opportunities at different levels including some 2 000 jobs such as programming, customer support, data analytics will be created in the ICT field. The onus, he said, is on the youths of Mauritius to match the future needs of the industry. He also expressed gratitude to employers like Accenture who have devised apprenticeship and professional development programmes to address skill mismatch and enable unemployed youths to progress and to get a job. 
As for the Director of Accenture Operations, Mr Charles Cartier, he lauded the commitment of Government to facilitate access of the ICT industry to new talents, and to improve the connectivity of the country. He observed that the inauguration of the Accenture Intelligent Operations Center is an achievement for Accenture and the industry of technology, communication, and innovation.
He recalled that Accenture has been globally recognised as the top IT provider over the last 11 consecutive years. The success of Accenture in Mauritius, he added, is the conducive environment that facilitates adaptation to changes, and its employees. He reiterated that the focus of the company is to achieve service delivery efficiency and invest in its employees to enable them to continually reskill and adapt to new technologies.  
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