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Rectors discuss education sector reform execution plan

Date: June 16, 2017
Domain:Education & Training
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GIS – 16 June 2017: The implementation of the reform plan for Mauritius’ learning sector – the Nine-Year Basic Continuous Education (NYCBE) project - was at the fore of discussions during a meeting with rectors of the secondary sub-sector yesterday afternoon at the MITD House in Phoenix. The meeting brought together some 170 rectors from State schools, private secondary schools, and Fee-paying schools viewed as key partners of the reform plan.
In that context, a series of meetings with all stakeholders of the education sector is currently being carried out by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research to meet set targets in pursuit of common goals for the wellbeing of children. The focus is on the transformation that is soon to take place in the secondary education sector.
In her speech during the meeting with the rectors, the Minister of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research, Mrs Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, pointed out that the education sector has embarked on a major reform system which has successfully started in the primary sector this year and will be launched in the secondary sector next year, thus constituting a challenge.
The previous education system focused essentially on academic development of the child but now other aspects of the child’s development are being considered including the inclusiveness component, she said.  Therefore it is important to greet Grade 6 students next year with a new set of eyes and value their potential and talent, she added.
According to the Minister, the focus is more on ensuring that young people are prepared to come out of the system full of competencies, capable of thinking out of the box, looking for solutions to problems in this evolving world and working collaboratively with the right team spirit.
She called upon rectors to inspire the school personnel to value Grade 7 students and ensure that they get the right coaching so as to make them become achievers in their own fields, build in self-confidence and become aware of their capacity.
The Minister announced that the Mauritius Institute of Education will be offering capacity-building programmes as from next month for Educators dealing with Grade 7 students.  The Ministry is also working on an online support system for school lessons for Grades 7 to 9 be made accessible online for students as from next year.
The NYCBE project was released on 20 August 2015.  It relates to a major reform of the education set-up so as to equip all students with knowledge, foundational skills and attitudes leading to an empowered 2030 citizenry.
The proposed Education structure comprises 13 grades.  The core of the reform is the replacement of the Certificate of Primary Education by the Primary School Achievement Certificate at the end of Grade 6 as from 2017 onwards; the introduction of a National Certificate of Education as from 2020 onwards; and the setting up of Academies which will run classes from Grades 10 to 13 and specialise in certain streams/subjects, and of Polytechnics.
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