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Reopening of Salazie Sheep Reproduction Farm

Date: September 27, 2019
Domain:Agriculture and Food Security
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 27 September, 2019: The Salazie Sheep Reproduction Farm which seized its operations in 2006, has been reopened with the objective to increase the reproduction of sheep in Mauritius and give an additional boost to the sector. The re-opening ceremony was held, yesterday, in presence of the Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security, Mr Mahen Seeruttun.
In his address, Minister Seeruttun underlined that the reopening of the farm is in line with the vision of the Government to foster a new wave of import substitution industry and revive export-led production as regards agricultural and livestock sector. He recalled that the farm stopped its operations in the year 2006 as the sector was facing numerous daunting challenges due to the outbreak of Foot-and-mouth disease.
He informed that the per capita consumption of mutton is around 4.52 kg per year while sheep production in Mauritius is characterised mainly by small scale farms that rear up to 20 sheep, which according to him, is not sufficient. To address this issue, a sum of Rs 18 million was disbursed as part of the Strategic Plan 2016-2020 for the renovation of the reproduction farm so as to accommodate some 200 breeding sheep and provide fattening stock to the farming community.
The Minister highlighted that two pedigree-certified rams and 30 breeding ewes were imported from South Africa and following a quantine period of 21 days, they were moved to the newly renovated farm. He added that the first sheep will be available for sale to farmers at a subsidized cost in April 2020 and expressed his wish for the flock to be increased to some 200 ewes within the next three years.
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