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Roof Slab Grant Scheme: Cheques amounting to Rs 14 million remitted to 242 families

Date: July 04, 2018
Domain:Public Infrastructure
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government

GIS – 04 July, 2018: Some 242 families received yesterday their cheques, amounting to a total of Rs 14 million, disbursed by Government under the Roof Slab Grant Scheme, during a ceremony held at Rabita Hall, Port Louis, in the presence of the Minister of Housing and Lands, Mr Purmanund Jhugroo, and other personalities. 
In his address, Minister Jhugroo reiterated Government’s policy in assisting every Mauritian family to have a roof. Commending the beneficiary families for their hard work in building their house, he stressed that Government appreciates the efforts of those who are striving to better their life and that of their family, adding that Government will endeavour to provide the relevant support.
Furthermore, he recalled that the 2018-2019 Budget has provided for an increase in the grant for casting of roof slab from Rs 75 000 to Rs 100 000 for families earning a monthly income of up to Rs 10 000. Families earning between Rs 10 001 to Rs 15 000 monthly will now benefit from a grant of up to Rs 70 000 instead of Rs 40 000. Mr Jhugroo also highlighted the broadening of the categories of households eligible for the grant for casting of slabs to families earning between Rs 15 001 to Rs 20 000 monthly, who benefit from a grant of up to Rs 50 000.
According to the Minister, there is a revolution in the housing sector with several integrated housing projects undertaken by the Ministry in collaboration with the National Housing Development Company Ltd and the extension of the size of new housing units from 39 m2 to 50 m2. He also outlined the introduction of the National Minimum Wage and the Negative Income Tax which are in line with Government’s aim to provide better assistance to vulnerable groups.
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