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Roof Slab Grant Scheme: Giving a hand up to vulnerable families

Date: December 12, 2016
Domain:Public Infrastructure
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GIS - 12 December, 2016: Some 257 families were handed cheques totalling Rs16 m on 8 December 2016 at Sir Harilal Vaghjee Memorial Hall in Port Louis, under the Roof Slab Grant Scheme.
The Roof Slab Grant Scheme, an ongoing project of the Ministry of Housing and Lands in collaboration with the National Housing Development Company (NHDC), provides financial assistance to low-income families for the casting of slabs as part of their housing project. Some Rs 20 m have been allocated to 313 families earlier this year, under the Scheme.
Present at the ceremony, the Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Housing and Lands, Mr Showkutally Soodhun lauded the relentless efforts of the financially struggling families to acquire a house of their own.
He stressed that the Government will continue to provide support to the poor and vulnerable as part of its mission to upgrade the life of the population. This aid, he underlined, is not only a way to cater for the financial needs of the low-income families but also for the emotional well-being of the families by enabling them to live with dignity.
In line with this approach, several measures have been undertaken by the Government to enable more struggling families to benefit from various schemes. These include:
·         Increase in the grant for casting of roof slab from Rs 65,000 to Rs 75,000;
·         Broadening of the categories of households eligible for the grant to families earning between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 monthly;
·         Extension of the size of new social housing units from 39 m2 to 50 m2, and;
·         An upcoming construction of 1,200 social housing units.
It is recalled that more than 60,000 families have benefitted from the Roof Slab Grant Scheme since its inception in 1997, to the tune of Rs 3 billion. For the last two years, 2980 families have been reached for a total project value of Rs 183 m.   
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