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Safe food for every citizen is a priority for Government, states Minister Seeruttun

Date: September 21, 2017
Domain:Agriculture and Food Security
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS– 21 September, 2017: Government strongly believes that every citizen has a right to safe food. In fact, food safety is an essential component of food security. Thus, the new project focusing on food safety and plant health is totally in line with Government’s aim to promote safe and sustainable agriculture techniques, not only for farmers’ own benefits, but also for consumers, for the environment and for the future generations.
This statement was made by the Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security, Mr Mahen Seeruttun, this morning at the opening, at La Cannelle, Domaine Les Pailles, of a workshop for the launching of the new Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) sponsored project entitled “Support for Strengthening the National Food Safety and Plant Health Protection Systems in Mauritius”.
The aim of the workshop is to apprise all local stakeholders of the main objectives of the project, namely, enhancing the capacity of local plant protection and food control systems through training programmes; better monitoring; risk analysis in the detection of plant pest and food contaminants; and upgrading of laboratory facilities at the National Plant Protection Office. Some 30 participants from Governmental institutions, private sector and Non-Governmental Organisations are attending the workshop.
On this occasion, Minister Seeruttun highlighted that the project is the third Technical Cooperation Programme receiving support from the FAO. He stated that his Ministry is presently implementing the 2016-2020 non-sugar strategic plan. Some of the main priority strategies for attaining the goals of the non-sugar sector include enhancing food and nutritional security; promoting food safety and sustainable production systems; and developing resilience to climate change, he underlined, adding that all the new project’s activities can be successfully undertaken with the collaboration of all stakeholders.
The Minister also underscored that with increasing trade and the incidence of climate change, there is an increase in emerging pests and diseases which threaten the agricultural sector. This is why the Ministry, with the support of partners from the private sector, is promoting clean and safe agriculture techniques which are more resilient to climate change and favour sustainable agriculture, he pointed out.
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