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Sea and air transportation facilities in Agalega to be upgraded

Date: August 25, 2014
Domain:Public Infrastructure
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS – 25 August 2014: The Minister of Local Government and Outer Islands, Mr Hervé Aimée received an Indian delegation in the presence of the High Commissioner of India, Mr Anup Kumar Mudgal to discuss sea and air transportation facilities in Agalega, this morning at the seat of his Ministry in Port Louis.
In a statement to the media, Minister Aimée said that the projects discussed with the Indian delegation consisting of technicians from different fields concern mainly the provision of a new airstrip and harbour in Agalega. These key projects have been delayed for a number of reasons, he added. But now, the Government of India is assisting Mauritius financially with these projects and is also providing technical knowhow.  
The Indian Government has granted a loan of USD 20 million to Mauritius, for the implementation of several projects in Agalega, namely for the airstrip, the harbor, water desalinisation plant, production of electricity, and the stocking of fuels.
According to the Minister, this is the first meeting between the Ministry, Indian technicians and other stakeholders to deliberate about the modalities related to these projects. The delegation will fly to Agalega this Thursday, he said, adding that once on the island, the necessities and requirements of Agalega will be identified.
 Mr Aimée recalled that Mauritius has 2.3million km² of exclusive economic zone that needs to be controlled, developed and prevented from being plundered.   
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