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Small Scale Energy Production: Some 300 applications received

Date: September 23, 2015
Domain:Public Utilities
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 23 September, 2015: Around 300 applications for a total capacity of 1,100 kW have been received as at date by the Central Electricity Board (CEB) in the context of the second Small Scale Distributed Generated (SSDG) project for consumers.
The new scheme, the CEB 2015 SSDG Net-Metering Scheme launched on 1st September 2015, will enable around 2,000 customers to offset the quantity of energy produced and exported to the grid by their SSDG systems with their imported energy from the grid. The Grid Code caters for the production of electricity from photovoltaic and wind turbine renewable technologies.
The new scheme is targeting two categories of prosumers:
  • Category 1: Domestic prosumers excluding IRS, RES and 3-phase Domestic Customers
  • Category 2Domestic prosumers with 3-phase supply including IRS, RES Customers and other prosumers having a declared load less than 20 kVA
All installations will be equipped with one production meter and one import/export meter. If a prosumer take more electricity from the CEB than she/he has sent into the grid, the quantity imported in excess of the quantity exported will first be reduced by any quantity of energy already in balance, if any, before the final energy charge is raised. 
If the customer generates more electricity than she/he has consumed, the excess electricity generated is credited to its energy account. The balance carried forward is used to adjust energy transactions in successive billings.
Prospective prosumers will benefit the energy storage capacity of the grid at no cost; thus they will not have to make investment in costly battery energy storage system. Qualified prosumers will be able to generate their electricity during the day, especially from the solar PV source, and store it into the grid for use in the evening and night or even for future uses free of charge from the CEB.
By entering into this Scheme, a prosumer will reduce her/his monthly payment for electricity. The savings on the electricity payments to the CEB can be used to pay for the investment made in the acquisition of the renewable energy system.
In addition to monetary gains, this Scheme gives prosumers an extended opportunity to contribute in the preservation of the environment by reducing the use of fossil fuels and also supporting the sustainable development of the power system by contributing to defer investment in additional power generation capacity.
All CEB Domestic customers and Non-domestic customers having a declared load with the CEB below 20 kVA can apply for the Scheme. Prosumers who are already registered under an existing CEB SSDG Scheme can apply for the new Scheme provided they terminate their existing Connection Agreements with the CEB. 
More information on the Scheme is available at
Government Information Service, Prime Minister’s Office, Level 6, New Government Centre, Port Louis, Mauritius. Email:  Website:
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