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Social Progress Index 2014 Ranks Mauritius First in Sub-Saharan Africa

Date: May 05, 2014
Domain:Economic Indicators
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government

GIS - 05 May, 2014: Mauritius is ranked first in Sub-Saharan Africa and 34th worldwide according to the ratings of the Social Progress Imperative in its latest publication of the Social Progress Index 2014 released last week.
With a total score of 73.68, Mauritius, with its 34th position, is the top country in Africa followed by Botswana (65.6) and South Africa (62.96) at the 57th and 69th position respectively.
The Index ranks 132 countries based on three dimensions: Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Wellbeing, and Opportunity. Each dimension is made up of four equally weighted individual components scored on an objective scale from 0–100.
According to the Index, the top three rated countries in the provision of Basic Human Needs are: Mauritius (86.39), Tunisia (77.72), and Egypt (76.77) while those scoring the highest mark regarding the Foundations of Wellbeing are: Botswana (72.67), Mauritius (71.43), and Namibia (63.21). As for the highest rated countries in the provision of Opportunity are: Mauritius (68.10), Botswana (61.19), and South Africa (58.25).
The Index highlights that the Opportunity dimension for all individuals to reach their full potential is the highest in Mauritius with regards to access to Basic Knowledge while South Africa precedes the country on providing Advanced Education. It further indicates that Mauritius does best in areas covered by the Basic Human Needs dimension and has the greatest opportunity to improve Human wellbeing. The country also excels in providing building blocks for people's lives under the Foundations of Wellbeing dimension. Of issues covered by the Opportunity Dimension, Mauritius outperforms in providing opportunities for people to improve their position in society, concludes the Index.
The Social Progress Index published by the Social Progress Imperative offers a framework for measuring the multiple dimensions of social progress, benchmarking success, and catalysing greater human wellbeing.
The Index aims to meet this pressing need by creating a holistic and robust measurement framework for national social and environmental performance that can be used by leaders in government, business and civil society at the country level as a tool to benchmark success, improve policy, and catalyse action.
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