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Tourism: Ministry sets up communication cell to share information on Covid-19

Date: March 06, 2020
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GIS - 06 March, 2020: A communication cell comprising a representative of the airport, the Association des hôteliers et restaurateurs de l’île Maurice, tour operators as well as a communication officer of the Ministry of Tourism, will be set up and will work collaboratively with public relations officers of the tourism sector abroad to share updated information on Covid-19.
The Minister of Tourism, Mr Georges Pierre Lesjongard, announced this measure amongst others to be implemented by the tourism sector following the outbreak of Covid-19 in several countries, yesterday, during a press conference in Port Louis.
Prior to the press conference, the Minister chaired a meeting with key stakeholders of the tourism industry to discuss the situation of Covid-19 and to find possible solutions to mitigate repercussions on the sector.
Speaking of the tourist arrivals for the month of February, he stated that there is a decrease of 2 500 tourists arriving by plane. The Tourism Minister highlighted that the situation will be more complex for the month of March and onwards if the Covid-19 is still prevalent. With such a situation, he pointed out that Mauritius will have to brace itself for reduced tourist arrivals.
Stressing on the need to limit the socio-economic impacts of Covid-19, Mr Lesjongard listed out the preventive measures which have been implemented to ensure the safety of the population. He recalled the temporary interdiction of tourists from China, South Korea, Italy and Iran to the Republic of Mauritius. 
With regards to measures taken at the level of his Ministry, he stated that a fortnightly meeting with stakeholders will be held to closely monitor the situation and added that sub-committees could be put in place for specific issues.
Minister Lesjongard also pointed out that his Ministry in collaboration with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) has come up with incentives so as to stimulate the tourism sector. On this score, he indicated that special packages at interesting rates are being proposed to attract more tourists to Mauritius. With the cancellation of the fairs in Berlin and Riyadh due to the Covid-19, the MTPA will organise one-to-one meetings with these international representatives with a view of promoting Mauritius as a tourist destination.
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