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Towards the Implementation of Human Resource Management Information System

Date: December 02, 2013
Domain:Civil Service
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 02 December, 2013: A contract agreement to the tune of some Rs 207 million for the implementation of the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) project across the Civil Service was signed last Friday between the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms and the State Informatics Ltd.
The HRMIS project constitutes a major reform initiative and aims at modernising and rendering more efficient and effective the human resource management and financial operations. It will comprise of five modules namely: core human resources; payroll; performance management; learning management; and employee self-service.
The project will be implemented on a phased basis as from September 2014 starting with two modules mainly the core human resources and payroll. This will indeed simplify the current HR processes as well as the related financial operations. For example payment of salaries to employees will not necessitate the filling of variation forms which have to be submitted within a particular date. The re-engineering of processes will render the Human Resource Management functions more effective. Strategic Human Resource Management will also become a reality with the availability of timely online information on human resources.
The remaining three modules will be put in place as from 2015 and will last till 2016. With a self-service application, employees will be in a position to query information pertaining to their leave and passage accounts, apply for leave online and have the possibility to access their basic personal details.
To ensure a smooth implementation of the project, a meeting with the Supervising Officers in charge of Ministries/Departments is being scheduled in January 2014 under the Chairmanship of the Secretary to Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service. It would serve as platform for the Supervision Officers to acquaint themselves with the HRMIS to be implemented in their respective organisation.
In the same vein, a workshop will be conducted for coordinators of Ministries/Departments on Change Management and Data Migration at the end of January. The objective is to build their capacity to better equip them in the performance of their responsibilities in their respective organisation.
The HRMIS will interface with other systems like the Passage and the Pensions Systems as well as the Treasurer Accountant System. Payment of Dues to all concerned will become much faster and timely. All security measures will be taken to protect the data of personnel in the system which will be hosted in a secure environment at the government online centre.
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