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Towards the Implementation of the MID Policy, Strategy and Action Plan

Date: August 29, 2013
Domain:Sustainable Development; Civil Service
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 29 August, 2013: A half-day workshop focused on knowledge sharing and capacity building for the successful implementation of the Maurice Ile Durable (MID) Policy, Strategy and Action Plan(PSAP) targeting heads of Ministries and Government Departments opened yesterday at La Cannelle, Domaine Les Pailles.
Some 40 Heads of ministries attended the meeting which aimed at making MID the overarching agenda of Government policies, projects and operations. The objective of the PSAP is to strengthen policy integration, coherence and co-ordination with a view to bringing a long term perspective to decision-making.
Organised jointly by the MID Commission and the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms the meeting has a two-fold objective. Firstly, it brings together heads of Ministries and raise awareness on the need to integrate sustainable development in the 2014-2016 Programme Based budgeting of their respective sectors. Secondly, it provides them with the necessary training to implement sustainable development strategies in the process of decision making.
On that score the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms in collaboration with the University of Technology Mauritius, has identified the training programme on sustainable development amongst public sector employees, including decision-makers. In the course of the training MID realisation indicators will be used to track progress of the PSAP on national well-being, the economy, and the environment.
With the implementation of the PSAP Ministries and Departments will have to ensure that their own policies and activities contribute to sustainable development.  Furthermore, decision-making processes should effectively integrate both short and long term economic, environmental, social and equitable considerations. This is in line with the Government vision to make of Mauritius a model of sustainable development, especially among the Small Island Developing States.
The MID Policy, and Strategy Action Plan hinges on four Priority Programmes namely, Energy Conservation and Renewables; Cleaner, Greener and Pollution Free Mauritius; Green Economy; and Ocean Economy. Some 130 projects and activities have been identified across the 5Es, that is, Energy, Environment, Employment, Education and Equity, to be implemented in the short, medium and long terms so as to bring coherence and enhance existing activities by introducing innovative ideas for better sustainable development.
The Plan of Action also seeks to enhance the competitiveness of Mauritius on the international scene as well as seeking intra-generational equity locally. It will complement several projects and initiatives at various stages of implementation, since the MID Commission which was launched in 2008.
As at June 2013, the Commission had embarked on 207 MID related projects and initiatives which cut across several sectors of the economy.  The Civil society submitted a total of 600 recommendations which have been transformed into 138 actions. In addition, 35policies across the 5Es and 15 policies on interdisciplinary issues have been developed.
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