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Training programme to better equip officers for transformation of public sector

Date: September 18, 2019
Domain:Civil Service
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 18 September, 2019: A two-day training programme organised by the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for senior officers of ministries and departments, opened, today, in presence of the Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms, Mr Cyril Eddy Boissézon, and the UNDP Resident Representative for Mauritius and Seychelles, Ms Amanda Serumaga, at Le Maritim Hotel, Turtle Bay Balaclava.
The objective is to impart the right skills and knowledge to officers of top management level so that they support the transformation of the Public Service in best conditions and become agents of change for a forward looking, innovative and responsive working environment.
In his address, Minister Boissézon underlined that the Public Service has been the backbone of social and economic progress in Mauritius and it contributes to creating a diversified economy, an educated population, a diverse and community-minded society. The public service, he said, continues to play a pivotal developmental role in the growth of the country and this is why it has become necessary to keep pace with society’s changing needs and demands.
Government, he stressed, aspires to provide quality and efficient public service delivery facilitated by a highly capable workforce in line with Vision 2030 which stipulates that Public Service must become more efficient, innovative and creative and active. Public Sector Business Transformation Strategy, he emphasised, reflects Government’s need to continuously evolve, innovate and transform in order to respond to and anticipate the needs of its citizens as well its local and global clients.
Minister Boissézon underlined that it is important to inspire a new ethos where public institutions operate in an environment of integrity, transparency and principles so that dynamic and innovative people can deliver quality public services. The Ministry recognises the need to strengthen the institutional capacity and effectiveness of public sector organisations and public officers so that the Public Service as a whole becomes adaptive, responsive, high-performing and accountable facilitators of national development.
For her part, Ms Serumaga, stressed the importance of a resilient and equitable public sector development with paradigm shift in present institutional framework adding that the Public Sector Business Transformation Strategy will help support the development of efficient and effective public service as well as achieve the Sustainable development Goals.  She reiterated the continued support of the UNDP to the Government of Mauritius in its endeavour in strengthening of the public service. 
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