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Twelve Families of Anse Courtois, Pailles Received Housing Units

Date: May 13, 2013
Domain:Social Security
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 13 May, 2013: Twelve families who were living in extremely poor conditions at Anse Courtois, Pailles and who have been victims of the flash floods of 30 March have benefitted from housing units under the Gros Cailloux Integrated Housing Village project at Petite Rivière.
The Project is being initiated by the National Empowerment Foundation (NEF) with the objective to help needy families whose monthly income is less than Rs 5 000 to have access to a decent dwelling. It is being designed to accommodate some 59 families in individual housing units on a plot of land of about four acres at Petite Rivière.
The Integrated Housing project has been conceptualised to accommodate the construction of houses as well as site and services and is in line with the various facilities geared towards poverty alleviation offered by the Government to eradicate absolute poverty in the country. Presently 95% of the housing units are complete.
The beneficiaries, upon receipt of the housing units have to abide to certain conditions under a social contract. They are namely: the families should work together to build a community that is respectful of the individual and neighbour; work for the promotion of peaceful neighbourhood; promote social harmony among residents, and combat violence; create an atmosphere of trust that strengthens family ties and enables all residents of all generations to work together; and work towards economic opportunity and security.
The approach developed under the Integrated Social Development Programme also provides for support to the families in terms of social, economic and environmental aspects through education, training, employability and entrepreneurship with the assistance of the NGOs. The objective is to eventually help the families to break the vicious circle of poverty.
Moreover, with a view to help more families, the Government is working with NGOs and the private sector to expand these housing schemes to other regions and to various pockets of poverty throughout the island. Currently the NEF has identified some 6 983 families who are living in pockets of poverty.
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