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Two Waste to Energy plants operational in Mauritius in 2017, announces Minister Aimée

Date: November 04, 2014
Domain:Environment; Public Utilities; Sustainable Development
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 4 November 2014: The Minister of Local Government and Outer Islands, Mr H.Aimée, announced that two Waste to Energy (WtE) projects in the context of efficient and most meaningful Municipal Solid Waste will be operational by mid-2017 during a press conference today in Port Louis.  Two WtE plants, one in the north east and the other one in the central part of the island are expected to produce up to 36 Mega Watts of electricity using Ultra High Temperature (UHT) gasification technology and process pointed out Minister Aimée.
He recalled that the project was approved by the Cabinet in September 2013 and that domestic waste amounts to around 1 300 tonnes per day. The waste to compost project is currently using around 300 tonnes of domestic waste and the transfer, the transport and management of the remaining waste is costing Government around Rs 200 million per year underlined minister Aimée. The two WtE plants will be using up to 700 tonnes of domestic waste as well as clinical waste and even rubber tyres underlined the Minister.
This UHT gasification technique represents the ideal solution to eliminate most Municipal Solid Waste and all forms of plastics and hydro carbon elements with the exception of glass, metal, sand, stone and construction debris underlined Minister Aimée. He added that the two plants will be selling the energy produced to the Central Electricity Board on a 24/7 basis and in turn will represent a major saving for the government in the long term.
During a presentation made by Mr D.  Maulloo, representative of the Green Waste Energy Group, technical operational details of the plants were explained. He underlined that the plants neither use incineration nor combustion during the process and therefore there is zero emission of carbon and this is possible due to the UHT gasification technology. He added that similar plants are already operational in the USA, Germany and other countries in Europe but its setting up in Mauritius will be a first in the region.
Mr Maulloo described this endeavour as the largest, most important and ‘avant-gardiste’ Renewable Energy project in Mauritius, generating a firm ‘green electricity’ day and night!
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