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Two grand winners for Public Service Excellence Award 2016

Date: December 01, 2017
Domain:Civil Service
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS – 01 December, 2017The Public Service Excellence Award (PSEA) 2016 has exceptionally two grand winners, namely: Sir Leckraz Teelock State Secondary School and La Tour Koenig Police station. Both institutions received a cash prize of Rs100 000 and a souvenir trophy at an award ceremony held yesterday at the Intercontinental Mauritius Resort in Balaclava. 
In his speech, the Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms, Mr Eddy Boissézon, pointed out that the PSEA is an important platform to steer the Civil service as a dynamic, customer-centric and performing institutions to reach excellence and new heights.  It helps to instill a culture of excellence and innovation among Civil servants in the discharge of their duties by promoting a performance-based, responsive, customer-focused and accountable public service, he said.   
He underscored the importance of uplifting the quality of public service in addition to developing a modern and sustainable Civil service, which according to him will act as an enabler and facilitator to spearhead the country’s development, in line with Government Vision 2030.  
The Minister recalled that countries like Singapore have achieved new heights of success by attaining excellence in the public service and hence, the need for excellence should dictate all endeavours of public officers. He congratulated the participants for their laudable attempt to rise to the challenge, and termed them as figures of motivation and inspiration to other Civil servants. 
For his part the Secretary for Public Service, Mr S.Kandasamy Pather, stated that the PSEA constitutes a platform where public bodies can rethink the way they engage in service-delivery by being more responsive to their customers, make optimum use of resources and come up with novel approaches. 
He said that Civil servants should work with a robust sense of urgency and purpose and work to the expectations of the public.  
The Public Service Excellence Award
The Public Service Excellence Award aims at recognising organisational excellence and reward Ministries/Departments or Divisions/Units that have adopted innovative and environmentally-friendly means to deal with daily challenges. The theme for this tenth edition was ‘Excellence-Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.’ 
Fifty-eight entries across various departments and ministries were recorded for the year 2016.
Participants were evaluated by a panel of jury on the basis of five criteria, namely: strategic planning and objectives; customer centred delivery; leadership and team spirit; efficiency and effectiveness, and innovation and improvement.  
PSEA Sub-Category Award
Runner-ups of the following sub-categories were each awarded a cash prize of Rs 50 000 and a trophy:
Customer-Centred Delivery Award -   Civil Status Division
Leadership and Team Spirit Award-    Flacq Haemodialysis Unit
Efficiency and Effectiveness Award-   Main Control Room, Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service
Innovation and Improvement Award-  Gastroenterology Department, SSRN Hospital
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