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Vice-Prime Minister Soodhun commends contribution of NHDC syndics

Date: September 13, 2017
Domain:Public Infrastructure
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GIS – 13 September 2017: The key role of syndics in upholding a safe, salubrious and harmonious environment on a voluntary basis on National Housing Development Company Limited (NHDC) housing estates was highlighted by the Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Housing and Lands, Mr Showkutally Soodhun, today at Palms Hotel in Quatre Bornes, at the opening ceremony of a workshop on the theme ‘Building a better Mauritius for our Children’.
The one-day workshop was organised for some 41 syndics and 57 representatives of residents’ associations by the NHDC in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing and Lands. It aimed at providing participants with the relevant tools and means to, among others, deal with illegal constructions, keep the residential sites safe and clean, hold regular general assemblies, organise leisure activities for residents, and ensure the latter contribute to the syndic funds.
In his address, Mr Soodhun recalled the financial assistance provided by Government to syndics to help them improve the living environment of the NHDC housing estates and maintain the common areas for the benefit of the community. He urged syndics and residents associations to impress on residents the need to be aware of their rights and duties as owners, and to take full responsibility of their assets.
The Vice-Prime Minister also underlined the initiatives of Government to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of NHDC housing estates. Thus, since 2015, a sum of Rs 174 million has been disbursed by Government for the rehabilitation of 2 293 housing units. Rehabilitation endeavours comprising roof waterproofing works, drainage works, structural remedial works, upgrading of sewage networks and other associated works are presently being carried out on an additional 2 800 units to the cost of Rs 278 million.   
Government’s commitment to improve the living conditions of vulnerable families was reiterated by Mr Soodhun. He stated that the philosophy of the Ministry was to encourage access to land ownership for all families to enable them to have a decent home and live with dignity. He added that some 150 families in Baie du Tombeau will soon be benefiting from a housing project to the tune of Rs 220 million. The Vice-Prime Minister moreover underlined the environmental dimension of upcoming projects where some 10 000 social houses will be fitted with photovoltaic solar panels connected to the grid.
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