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Wastewater Management Authority acquires two trucks mounted sewer jetting unit

Date: October 01, 2018
Domain:Public Utilities
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GIS - 01 October, 2018: Two trucks mounted sewer jetting unit were acquired by the Wastewater Management Authority (WMA) on 28 September 2018 at the Scomat in Pailles with the aim to improving service delivery as regards sewer network. The Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Public Utilities, Mr Ivan Collendavelloo, the Acting General Manager of the WMA, Mr Jacques Alexis Radhay, the General Manager of Scomat, Mr Jocelyn Labour, and other eminent personalities were present on the occasion.   
In his address, Acting Prime Minister Collendavelloo highlighted that the acquisition of these two trucks mounted sewer jetting unit will help to provide better quality of wastewater services to citizens. The two trucks, he underlined, will serve to remove obstruction from sewer lines in blockage cases while adding that they will be beneficial especially for people residing in Port Louis as they are more prone to sewerage problems.
Speaking on the role of the WMA, Mr Collendavelloo underscored that the organisation is investing massively in various wastewater projects and house connections with a view of further expanding the sewer network across Mauritius. On this score, he spoke of the Grand Baie and Pailles Guibies projects which are in line to equipping the country with state-of-the art sewerage system so as to better cater to the needs of the population.
For his part, the Acting General Manager of the WMA, Mr Radhay, outlined that with the extension of the WMA’s network, it has become crucial for the organisation to modernise and revisit its services by equipping itself with latest technologies. These two additional jetting units with high pressure hoses will therefore enable to strengthen the maintenance capabilities of the WMA with more effective and efficient service delivery, he added.
As for the General Manager of Scomat, Mr Jocelyn Labour, he pointed out that during the past years, the company has been providing a comprehensive range of branded products and professional services in the field of Earthmoving, Trucks and Buses, Agricultural Equipment, Generators and other specialised equipment. He underscored that the supply of these two jetting units with latest technical and safety specificities will help to alleviate the daily lives of the population.
Trucks mounted sewer jetting unit
The two trucks mounted sewer jetting unit, to the tune of Rs 16,185,790 with a capacity of 6000 litres each, have been designed to use high pressure water jets to remove obstruction, grease grit, and other materials from the sewerage network.  They will enable the Operation and Maintenance Section of the WMA to carry out preventive works and cleaning of sewer lines, so as to reduce the risk of unforeseen overflow due to misuse of the wastewater system.
Each truck is equipped with two high pressure hoses of 100 m length with big reel of diameter 2 inches and small reel of diameter 1 inch, with storage toolboxes, safety beacon lights, safety arrow boards, cone holders and a bench vice to help handling and loosening of cleaning heads.
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