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Weather: Summer 2016- 2017 Outlook for the Republic of Mauritius

Date: November 07, 2016
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GIS - 07 November, 2016: The Summer 2016-2017 weather outlook by the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS) forecasts normal to slightly above normal temperatures for Mauritius, with on certain days temperatures exceeding the monthly average by more than two degrees Celsius in some locations. Rainfall is expected to be normal, with about 1200 mm over Mauritius.
The expected evolution of the 2016-2017 South West Indian Ocean (SWIC) summer 2016-2017, starting from 01 November 2016 to 15 may 2017, was presented by the Director of Mauritius Meteorological Services, Mr Rajan Mungra, on 4 November 2016 at the Meteorological Services, Vacoas. The forecast covers specific climatic occurrences, namely cyclone activity, summer rains and temperatures. As from this year, it extends beyond Mauritius and Rodrigues, covering St Brandon and Agalega as well.
A warmer summer 2016-2017 is expected. Maximum temperatures may reach 35 degrees Celsius at Port Louis and along the coastal areas.
As regards Rodrigues, maximum temperatures are likely to reach 32 degrees Celsius along the coastal areas on certain occasions.
At both St Brandon and Agalega, temperature will be near normal with maximum reaching 31 and 32 degrees Celsius respectively.
Occasional high temperatures coupled with prolonged periods of high humidity and light gust of wind may result in torrid conditions, particularly during the months of January to March.
The summer rains in Mauritius and Rodrigues will be slightly delayed. Rainfall will be slightly below normal for the first half of summer and near normal during the second half. Cumulative summer rainfall for Mauritius is expected to be normal with an average of about 1200 mm over Mauritius and around 650 mm over Rodrigues.
As for St Brandon, cumulative summer rainfall will be slightly below normal, with about 600 mm. At Agalega, rainfall will be slightly below normal for the first half of summer and expected to be near normal during the second half, with an expected cumulative rainfall of 1100 mm.
Cyclone/Storm formation 
A total of six to eight storms are expected to evolve in the South West Indian Ocean basin for summer 2016-2017. Exceptionally, two storms have already reached naming stage.
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