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Weather forecast: Instability zone influencing local weather

Date: January 21, 2020
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GIS - 21 January, 2020: The weather forecast for Mauritius issued this Tuesday by the Meteorological Services of Mauritius indicates that clouds associated with an instability zone located between Mauritius and Madagascar are influencing the local weather in the island.
The weather will be mainly showery with at times moderate showers to heavy accompanied with thunderstorms and it will be more frequent as from late afternoon. Water accumulation may occur in certain places and fog patches are also expected. The wind gusts may reach 60 km/h in showers.

The showers will persist during the night and tomorrow morning. The sea is rough beyond the reefs and ventures in the open seas are not advised.
The minimum temperature will be about 22 degrees Celsius over the high grounds and will vary between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius along the coasts.
Additional Information
There are indications that a low pressure is developing in the region between Madagascar and Mauritius. This low pressure may intensify and become a moderate tropical storm in the upcoming days and therefore the weather will remain showery with thunderstorms at times.

The tropical disturbance to the South-West of Diego Garcia is moving towards the South East and it may further intensify. As at now, this system will not influence weather at Rodrigues and Mauritius and the situation is being closely monitored by the Meteorological Services of Mauritius.
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