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Works under the Emergency Rehabilitation Programme progressing satisfactorily

Date: August 30, 2013
Domain:Public Infrastructure
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS – August 30, 2013: Rehabilitation and construction works under the Emergency Rehabilitation Programme as regards the northern region of the island namely Bois Rouge and Terre Rouge are progressing satisfactorily. This statement was made by the Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping, Mr Anil Bachoo, after effecting site visits to Bois Rouge and Terre Rouge yesterday.
Following the flash flood the country witnessed on 13 February 2013, an amount of Rs 500 m has been earmarked for the implementation of emergency projects under the Emergency Rehabilitation Programme to resolve the problem of flooding. Also, further to torrential rain during the year 2011 and 2013 which caused major flooding problems in some areas of Mauritius, the National Development Unit undertook several rehabilitation and construction works. Bois Rouge and Terre Rouge have been identified as flooding areas during torrential rain.
The project in Bois Rouge is being implemented in three construction phases. The first phase, which started in January, is nearly completed. It comprises the rehabilitation of the existing canal at Bois Rouge to the tune of some Rs 24 m. Vice-Prime Minister Bachoo expressed outrage over the wastes that have been illegally dumped into the newly rehabilitated canal. According to him, incivility and disrespect for the environment will result once again, during heavy rainfall, in the obstruction of the free flow of the water that enters into the drain, causing water to overflow, flooding the surrounding area. He called on the Village Council to sensitise inhabitants of Bois Rouge on the importance of unobstructed canals and to prevent them from dumping their refuse and waste into the canal.
Phase two of the Bois Rouge project consists of the construction of a retention basin of capacity of 40,000 m3. The second phase, which costs over Rs 26 m, is implemented under a public-private partnership initiative with TERRA, one of the major conglomerates in Mauritius operating in several sectors such as cane, energy production, alcohol production and commercial distribution, property development, construction and financial services. Excavation works are in progress to obtain necessary invert level. This phase, which started in May, is 40% complete, and is expected to end by November 2013.
As for Phase 3, which consists of construction of bases, wall and slabs, works are on hold since private land has not yet been acquired, and the Ministry of Housing and Lands have already initiated the required procedures, said Vice-Prime Minister Bachoo.  
In Terre Rouge, 85% of works have been completed. The Terre Rouge project focuses on the construction of 160 metres of masonry trapezoidal drains, which are parabolic shaped surface drains, from the newly constructed culvert along the main road to the existing culvert on the motorway. The project is costing some Rs 10 m.
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