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Workshop on Drafting of Standard Operation Procedures for Tsunami Warning and Response

Date: March 11, 2016
Domain:Environment; Sustainable Development
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS – 11 March 2016: A workshop on Drafting of Standard Operation Procedures for Tsunami Warning and Response, an initiative of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre (NDRRMC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Disaster and Beach Management, will be held from 14-17 March 2016 at Le Voila Hotel, Bagatelle.
The aim of this workshop is to strengthen the capacity of Mauritian stakeholders in tsunami preparedness and response to the tsunami early warning. Strong capacity in preparedness and response will eventually contribute to the full implementation of the end to end tsunami early warning in the region. It will also support in building the capacity of the relevant institutions and organisations of Mauritius as a Small Island Developing State on tsunami risk assessment.
This workshop will be carried out based on UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) mandate and capacity in the coordination of the development of the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System. The UNESCO-IOC Indian Ocean Tsunami Information Centre in coordination with the UNESCO IOC Intergovernmental Coordination Group for Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation Systems are collaborating to carry out the workshop.
The three-day training workshop will be attended by some 35 participants from the National Emergency Operation Command (NEOC) and Local Emergency Operations Command (LEOC) members, National Tsunami Warning Centre, national and local disaster management offices. Participants will have the opportunity to delve into the planning and preparation of a Tsunami SOP and test their acquired knowledge through a Tsunami Tabletop Simulation Exercise which will be held in the NEOC at the Line Barracks, Port Louis on Friday 18th March 2016.
The workshop will help participants build knowledge and know-how to plan, conduct and evaluate tsunami exercise at national and sub-national level and know how to develop the end to end tsunami standard operating procedures. The training module is based on UNESCO/IOC manuals and guides and covers the following: Understanding tsunami hazard; Indian Ocean Wave Tsunami Exercise; Stakeholders, Roles, and Responsibilities; End to end tsunami Response and standard operating procedures; Warning receiving and understanding the message; Warning analysis and decision making process; Warning Dissemination and public alerting; Role of media; Building tsunami preparedness; Type of tsunami exercise; Designing the tsunami exercise; Setting up and organising the exercise; and Exercise evaluation and Reporting.
It is recalled that the NDRRMC has developed the National Disaster Scheme (NDS) which encompasses the whole spectrum of the Disaster Management Cycle which laid emphasis on a coordinated multi-agency approach and a greater focus on disaster risk reduction for Mauritius. The NDS is intended to support agencies and stakeholders in understanding and undertaking their roles in emergencies.
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